Academic Publications

BOOKS: Milosevic, T. (Spring 2018). Protecting Children Online? Cyberbullying Policies of Social Media Companies. The MIT Press.


Milosevic T. (under review). Exploratory Study on Children’s Perceptions of Effectiveness of Social Media Companies’ Cyberbullying Policies.

 Milosevic, T., Dias, P., Mifsud, C., & Trueltzsch-Wijnen, C. (2019). Media Representation of Children’s Privacy in the Context of the Use of ‘Smart Toys’ and Commercial Data Collection. Medijske studije/Media Studies, 9(18). Online first:

Montgomery, K., Chester, J., & Milosevic, T.(2017). Children’s Privacy in the Big Data Era: Research Opportunities. Pediatrics (supplement). Pediatrics is an interdisciplinary journal and it is the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Impact factor: 5.473

Staksrud, E., & Milosevic, T.(2017). Adolescents and Children in Global Media Landscape: From Risks to Rights. Annals of the International Communication Association. doi: (one of the official journals of the International Communication Association, publishing reviews and communication insights).

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Aufderheide, P., Milosevic, T. and Bello B. (2015). The impact of copyright permissions culture on the US Visual Arts Community: The consequences of fear of fair use. New Media & Society, 18(9).doi:10.1177/1461444815575018.

Feldman, L., Hart, P. S., & Milosevic, T. (2015). Polarizing news? Representations of threat and efficacy in leading US newspapers’ coverage of climate change. Public Understanding of Science. doi:10.1177/0963662515595348 (Published online before print, July 30, 2015). is ranked number 12 in communication and number 3 in history and philosophy of science (impact factor 1.904).


 Milosevic, T.O’Neill, B., Staksrud, E. (2019). Narratives of industry responses to cyberbullying: Perspectives on self-regulation from and about the industry. In: H. Vandebosch and L. Green(Eds.) Narratives in Research and Interventions on Cyberbullying among Young People. Springer.

Holloway, D., Milosevic, T., & Jorge, A. (2017). Framing risks around smart toys. In G. Mascheroni, & D. Holloway (Eds.) The Internet of Toys: A report on media and social discourses around young children and IoToys. DigiLitEY.

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Montgomery, K., Chester, J., & Milosevic, T. (2017).Ensuring young people’s digital privacy as a fundamental right. In B. De Abreu, A.  Lee, J. McDougall, J. Melki, &  P. Mihailidis (Eds.), International Handbook of Media Literacy. New York, NY: Routledge.

Milosevic, T. (2016). Das framing von cyberbullying in den US-amerikanischen mainstream-medien (Framing cyberbullying in US mainstream media). In S-M. Kohler, H-H. Kruger, & N. Pfaff (Eds.), Handbuch Peerforschung. (Handbook Peer Research).Berlin, Germany: Barbara Budrich Academic Publishing.

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